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5 Accessories Every Spot and Stalk Bowhunter Needs

  • 2 min read
Spot and stalk bowhunting is a challenge that requires patience and practice. Anything that can help increase success in the field is always welcomed. Having these few simple accessories along the journey will help increase your odds of success.

1. Wind Indicator

You are pretty much sunk if you don’t know the wind direction while sneaking in on an animal. Having a way to keep tabs on which way your scent is blowing is vital to bowhunting success. I prefer a puff bottle with baking powder, but a Bic lighter or a piece of string tied to your bow will also give you the current wind direction.

Wind Indicator

2. Lens Cleaning Cloth

Though this one may seem obvious, take it seriously. Dirty optics can limit your ability to spot game and leave you with a headache. Keep a lens cloth on hand to clear any grime from your binoculars or rangefinder during your stalk.

3. Face Cover

Unless you have an epic beard, you will need a means of covering your face. A few different styles of face masks are available, or you can use face paint. The advantage of face paint is that there isn’t the risk of the mask interfering with your anchor points when you come to full draw. But if you don’t want to deal with the mess of face paint, experiment with shooting with your face mask on before heading out on your hunt.

face masks

4. Hydration Bladder

Often, stalks can take hours of creeping, maneuvering, and sitting in the sun. The easiest way to stay hydrated is via a hydration bladder. A large pack isn’t necessary on most stalks, but having a small hydration system allows you to take sips of water during the day without stopping and digging out a water bottle from your pack. This also reduces the risk of dehydration.

5. Binocular Harness

Last but certainly not least is a quality binocular harness. A good binocular harness will keep your optics close at hand while protecting them from dirt, grass, brush, rain, and anything else that can occlude your glass. In addition to protecting your optics, your binocular harness should keep your binoculars close to your chest to prevent them from interfering with your bowstring when at full draw.

bino harness

If these accessories aren’t already a part of your gear list, grab these accessories before your bowhunt this year. They will make for beneficial additions to your spot and stalk hunting.

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