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When we built our first prototype in 2015, forward opening bino packs weren't a thing. Now it's the standard.

And then we took it one step forward. Because we weren't just hunting. In spring we were fly fishing. And then we were mountain biking, looking for sheds, setting trail cameras. You get the drill - because this is your life too. It's full of as many varied adventures as you can fit into it.

So we set out to build a system of gear that's as adept to the various activities as you are.

One system. Multiple uses.

We started Marsupial Gear in 2015 make a binocular pack that solved a lot of our frustrations with what was currently available. Specifically, we wanted one that opened forward to use with only one hand. After countless prototypes and rigorous testing, the first generation of our standard binocular harness, rangefinder pouch, and fishing pack were born. We started with 100 units and a goal to sell them.

Working full-time jobs at the time, we spent a lot of lunch breaks doing business in parking lots. As we sold through our first batch of inventory, we doubled down on more products, reinvesting everything into more finished goods.

When we finished our third production run, the sewing facility we used went out of business. Jim would drive around town to get fabric cut at one location while Bessie (our production manager) sewed packs at her house to keep things moving. Jim and another business associate started a contract sewing facility, where we sewed for the next three years. Marsupial Gear was still a secondary business for those three years until it was big enough to become a full-time business.

In January 2020, we moved into a new facility with a team exclusively sewing Marsupial Gear. Since then, we have grown exponentially and continue to do so as we develop new products and widen our product reach. Big things are in store in the coming years as we round out our product lines and solve problems in the outdoor product world.

We value building the best products possible, sewn in the USA, with even better customer service. Our goal is to make functional gear that solves problems and is built to last. We offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on all of our products and stand behind them 100%. We believe in giving back to our hunting community and supporting the organizations that embody that.

We appreciate your support of our American dream.

- Jim & Hannah Graham

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