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November Is For The Muleys

  • 1 min read

Hunting mule deer in November was what I dreamed about as a kid. There was a stretch of forest along the Arizona/New Mexico border full of tall ponderosa pines. The timber was tall but not dense. Every year I envisioned myself still hunting that patch of wood. I would creep through the snow, following tracks, moving slowly to keep the crunching low. And at last, I would meet up with one of the giant bucks I had read about in one of the hunting magazines of the day.

Muleys are exceptional.

At Marsupial Gear, we've always loved Instagram. It's how we connect to the community of hunters that use our binocular chest packs and other gear. It's the only social media platform we use. On it, we often feature your successes, your photos, and your trust in our equipment.

Here are ten of our favorite images the community has tagged us in over the last few weeks. As you can see, November is very much about mule deer. And it's taken me back to those childhood fantasies.

Here they are, in no particular order. Click the images to see the original Instagram post and learn more about the hunters. And while you're there, why not give them a follow?

1. Cole Talboom

mule deer hunt


2. Justus Leimbach

Mule Deer


3. Kevin Duschl

Mule Deer


4. Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels Mule Deer


5. Ryan Gentry

Mule Deer


6. Santino Castellanos

Mule Deer


7. Jeff Masterson

Mule Deer


8. Ty Martin

Mule Deer


9. Witt Machine Outdoors

Mule Deer


10. Sawtooth Outdoors

Mule Deer


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