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  • 3 min read

Marsupial Gear makes gear that is not only functional but modular. Its rifle cases are no different. The compatibility of the MOLLE webbing on the back third of its rifle cases can fit various accessories, from tourniquet pouches to magazines and everything in between.


But what about the regular pocket? What can you put in there that is worth a damn?

I've developed a short list of items commonly found among shooters. Whether you carry your rifle case to and from the range or down to old Mexico, these pocket additions are a good start.

Suppressor Papers-

Today's modern-day hunters are wielding more suppressors than ever, and rightfully so. But, with the cool factor of owning a suppressor comes the responsibility. Once I've broken free my suppressor from the ATF stronghold, I create small copies of the approved Form 4, then a quick lamination job. I keep a copy of all my approved forms in my rifle case, so no matter where I go with the rifle, I have a copy if I need it. I also throw copies in common areas, such as my truck. Just be sure that you do your own research to make sure you can transport or use a suppressor in the location you are heading to.


Allen Keys-

This seems simple, and it is. How often can you think of that you or a buddy needed a set of Allen keys at the range or hunting? Head over to your favorite hardware store and grab a metric and SAE set. Throw them in your rifle case pocket and forget they are there until you need them, then you'll remember how smart you are!

Gun Lube-

2022 yielded some of the coldest conditions known to Montana. With the frigid temperatures came some moisture. Luckily, I had some gun lube stashed in my rifle case pocket. Coating your bolt face and the raceways it travels on will help prevent the moisture from freezing. Sometimes in harsh conditions, you need to create a barrier of protection, especially when there are essential tags to be filled. Adding one of our Rifle Covers to your Marsupial Arsenal along with the lube will help eliminate moisture in your chamber (shameless plug!)


Once again, super simple yet highly beneficial. I'll throw a few fresh sharpies and pens inside my pocket just in case I forget one with my shooting equipment. The different colors can be helpful if you are a reloader like me. Different colors can be used on the target and brass for easier identification of loads or damaged brass, for instance.

Extra Rounds-

Can you really have too much ammo? The answer is no. When away from my home base for an extended period, I will carry an extra 20 rounds in the pocket, just in case I need to do a hasty re-sight in or because I took too many shots at coyotes. Either way, it's a perfect addition to the rifle case pocket.

Kestrel/Ballistics Calculator-

Whenever I am at the range, I collect data on my rifles. When performing my pre-range gear checks, having a pocket dedicated to my Kestrel or ballistic calculator ensures I remember it. This way, I know my ammo isn't being wasted without having data to guide my shooting.

In summary, adding one or two MOLLE-attached pockets to your rifle case can increase the capacity and capability, and what's wrong with that?!

Hopefully, these small additions help you or give you different ideas that fit your needs as a shooter and hunter. My needs constantly change depending on the mission; I know many of you are the same.

Stay Safe and Hunt Hard!

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