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The December 22 Remarkables

  • 1 min read

This months installment of the Monthly Remarkables take us from the desert south, to the timbered mountains of the north, to the Midwest and Mid-Asia. We're always in awe of the places you go, and the animals you hunt.

Thank you for sharing them with us. And for letting us share them with others.



"Here’s my Mid-Aisan Ibex-Pamir. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision taking an ibex of this size in Tajikistan. Plus, I feel so fortunate to take an ibex in some of the most amazing-looking mountains I’ve ever seen or stepped foot in. They were steep and full of snow, everything I love in a hunt I got to experience while pursuing ibex. Where they live and thrive is simply breathtaking, and I fully enjoyed getting to cross paths with them in the rugged terrain they call home."


"So extremely excited about my first archery buck! One 50 yard shot and I put my tag on this public land OTC giant."

mule deer


"Guess it’s a year for Deer"


"What a great trip with Dustin Crewse!!! He is a coues hunting SOB. Didn’t take him very long to pick this dude up. After making the perfect approach plan and a chip shot, the rest was history! Closed the year out with my best coues deer ever! Green score of 106 5/8”!! Thanks again D, what an amazing trip."



"I was late to head out the door. I hopped on the quad and started heading to the stand. On my way to the stand I seen a couple guys on a quad just in front of me. I slowly quaded behind them not wanting to mess their hunt up. They pulled over and we chatted for a bit. They then informed me that they were going to turn around anyways. So I was more then welcome to keep going into my stand. As I left them I quaded another 130 yards and
seen a doe only 30 yards away. Then as I scanned the area I noticed a buck standing there. A big boxy framed buck. I certainly didn’t think this was going to work, however you have to try. So I stopped the quad. Got off and got my bow ready. Nocked an around and ranged him! 59 yards! I dialed in the yardage, and drew. The shot went off! And the rest is history!"


"Whitetail hunt turned into a Barbary hunt real quick here in west Texas when i glassed this big ram up! Made a move into 180 yards and made a perfect shot! Measured in at 31 1/8”


"This was the most humbling hunt I’ve ever personally had. It was physically and without a doubt mentally challenging. After being beat by the Ibex every day and failing on stalks that seemed to take everything in me to make happen. It finally all came together. This one probably goes down as the best hunt of my life, a dream I’ve had since I was kid has came true. A memory I’ll never forget and always look back on. Super blessed to have drawn this tag and have the friends I do. I can’t thank thank my friends who were apart of this hunt enough. You guys gave me the motivation to push forward and even when I was down and expectations were lowering."


"Proud to say I filled my first tag. Late season mule deer in the books. This was an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you to my husband for all the hard work and dedication, couldn’t have done it without you! What a great way to end the year…"


"Hunter had found a giant 2 point the second day of the hunt and told me all we need to do is find him and he’s dead. So that afternoon we went looking and did not turn him up. So Saturday morning rolls around and hunter picks him up 1300yds away we got to 630 and the rest was history. I’ve never been more excited to walk up on an animal in my life than I was on this deer. To go from hunting by my self to having my best friend and cousin by my side to watch it all go down there’s nothing more I could ask for."

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