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Phoenix Shooting Bags Lightweight Rear Bags


X-Small Rear Bag is a handheld squeeze bag that is ideal to use under the butt of the rifle when shooting prone. This bag helps aid the shooter to make minor vertical adjustments to your point of aim. Squeeze the bag to allow your crosshairs to decline release your grip to allow your crosshairs to incline. No More muscling the rifle to stay steady. The bag eliminates the cross hair wobble.

Weight 5.6oz.

Dimensions of bag is 5Wx7Lx3H


Small Ridge Runner can be used as a rear bag and a front rest. Its purpose is to be used as a handheld squeeze bag to aid the shooter to make minor vertical adjustments however the size of the bag allows it to be a little more multifunctional able. It also can be used as front rest when taking shots off boulders and uneven ground.

Weight 8.4oz

Bag Dimensions 6Lx8Wx4H


Tony Bag of Donuts (Weight 7.1oz)
Designed to be a multifunctional shooting bag. You can use it on a tripod, have it
rest on a boulder, or even nestle it between the limbs of a tree. It functionality is
endless. It was originally designed to attach to your pack to have a rest that would
form to your rifle. With the roll top feature you can adjust the fill to your liking.
Even though this bag was designed for a front rest it can also be used as a rear bag.
Lastly one of my favorite uses to this bag is that I can use it as a pillow to take a nap
in the afternoon.


Glassing Seat / Glassing Pad made with 1000D Cordura and Non-Slip Nylon. The most comfortable seat on the market today. This seat will keep your rear warm during those cold weather sits and protect you from any harsh terrain. It comes with one National Molding "Quick Release Clip"  male and female, made in the USA.

Weighs 10 oz.

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