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Where are you from?

I am from a small mountain town called Wrightwood, CA. About 1hr and 45 min SE of Los Angeles.

What do you make happen at Marsupial Gear?

I wear many different hats. I spend about half of my day contributing to the customer service; helping with the phone calls and assisting customers in storefront. I also help the warehouse with shipping. I am make sure we have an active presence on social media, posting, communicating with our customers, and listening to feedback. I am the point of contact for most partnerships and handle most of the contracts. I also make connections with other brands and personalities for collaborations.

Tell us about your hunting experience.

I have been hunting for a dedicated 10 years. I started hunting as a young kid with my father, but sports quickly consumed all of my time at a young age. I chose sports over hunting as a kid and fast forward to the end of my football career and a torn ACL. Which led me to work at an archery shop for a good friend of mine. Working at the archery shop, I picked up a bow and chased every opportunity I could to go on a hunt and/or be out in the woods. What I love most about hunting and time spent outdoors is the disconnection from the real world, and the primal feeling being miles away from the truck or civilization. Nothing else matters while you’re out there making memories and wondering what’s over the next ridge.

What is a hunting accomplishment you’re most proud of?

The hunting accomplishment I am most proud of is the Blacktail deer I shot in Northern California.I spent the entire summer leading up to the hunt working at an archery shop while attending college, fletching arrows and dreaming of the hunt to come. I scouted on multiple different trips to multiple areas. I turned up some nice bucks throughout the summer, and when the season came around. I will admit, I got real lucky and shot what should be the state record Blacktail and if not, he is at least top 3.

What is a hunting dream you hope to achieve some day? 

A dream and more of a memory I would love to achieve and have someday is being able to capture and look back on a “grip n grin” with my father. The dream hunt I would like to go on someday is an archery Axis deer hunt in Hawaii.

What does your chest pack system look like?

I prefer having more depth in the chest pack and excess room for my binos, than a snug fit. I love the MultiCam Black, so I will be wearing that colorway moving forward. However, Ranger Green was my staple for years. I run the small Rangefinder Pouch on the right side with a safety tether, and a small zippered pouch on the left. The small Zippered Pouch is great for carrying my digiscope adapter, a spare rangefinder battery, my distress call, and my tripod adapter.

What’s your favorite piece of gear from Marsupial?

My favorite piece of Marsupial Gear is without a doubt the Handwarmer Muff. Arizona is known for being warm, but boy does it get chilly. Cold hands and fingers are a quick and easy way for me to get cranky, but the Handwarmer Muff keeps my hands nice and toasty. The ease of use, it weighs nothing, and ability to wear the Handwarmer Muff as a fanny pack is game changer. I describe it as a nice toasty oven for your hands. It is great when sitting at the top of a mountain glassing, hiking, hunting in the cold and/or when carrying an aluminum bow and need to switch off between hands.

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