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Where are you from?

Jay is from a Phoenix, Arizona but attended college in Montana... but somehow is a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan.

What do you make happen at Marsupial Gear?

I am the email/communications guy, I respond to 99% of the emails that go to

Shoot me an email and say hi!

Tell us about your hunting experience.

I started turkey hunting with my uncle when I was 8 or 9. I shot my first turkey with him in Arizona at age 10 and was hooked! I am fortunate that my uncle lit the fire in me at a young age.

What is a hunting accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I shot a big archery bull in 2020 during the bad drought year. I had caught Covid a couple months before the hunt and coughed so hard I threw a rib out, I was pretty beat up physically on that trip. It was a tough hunt, and we got our butts kicked, until we didn’t, on day eight. That was a very rewarding hunt on a tough year.

What is a hunting dream you hope to achieve some day? 

I would love to go hunting in Alaska one day and fly in on a little plane, but right now I want to experience as much as I can with my kids there with me.

What does your chest pack system look like?

I have a snazzy M81 Enclosed Bundle that I really like.

That is my go-to at the moment.

The small zippered pouch is a must. I also use the small rangefinder pouch.

What’s your favorite piece of gear from Marsupial?

I love the Multi Pack for turkey hunting. Being able to keep all of my calls organized on my chest with my optic at the same time.

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